Mobilocity Identifies Strategic Issues of Mobile Travel Services In New White Paper

Mobilocity, Inc. (, a leading professional services firm focused on the mobile Internet, today released its latest white paper, entitled, “Mobile Travel Services: Strategies for Moving Forward.”
The paper aids travel service executives as they look to take advantage of the rapidly emerging mobile Internet opportunities in the travel services industry.
Because companies` goals in launching an m-travel service can differ greatly, Mobilocity strategists offer broad guidance for companies looking to develop m-travel services. In the white paper, Mobilocity presents strategic recommendations and technical considerations that address relevance, personalization, usability, and globalization, among others tailored specifically for travel service firms. Successful mobile travel (“m-travel”) strategies will leverage an understanding of these unique attributes of both the mobile Internet and travel itself.
By reviewing today®s m-travel landscape, offering guidelines for developing m-travel services, and highlighting key technical challenges of launching m-travel business initiatives, Mobilocity®s original white paper provides a strategic approach to m-travel services. Mobilocity recognizes that the travel industry will embrace the mobile Internet as an integral enabler of their customers® overall travel experience, as shown in the white paper®s description of the “travel activity” chain.
“The travel industry and its customers have consistently adopted new technologies like computer reservation systems and Internet travel services,” said Faisal Choudhury, Chief Knowledge Officer of Mobilocity. “Without doubt, the mobile Internet will further advance the industry provided that strategic, customer-friendly mobile solutions are employed by industry leaders. Driven by a deep understanding of strategy and technology, Mobilocity is well positioned to create compelling m-travel value propositions for clients who are willing and able to revolutionize the space.”