Industry leading RFPassist eclipsed by new Lanyon solution, RFPpublisher

Lanyon (, a leader in marketing distribution technology for the travel industry, will introduce RFPpublisher at this year`s HEDNA Annual Conference in Orlando, FL. RFPpublisher proves a major advance over its highly successful hotel RFP solution, RFPassist.
RFPpublisher continues to deliver the coveted benefits of its older sibling, but adds four key features sought by its user base that now exceeds 80 hotel brands:

1. Web-based
2. Multi-purpose database
3. Online customer collaboration
4. GDS rate loading

The application has been totally replatformed for the Web and integrated with Lanyon`s new content repository, PropertyVault. Housing the rich RFP content in a multi-purpose database opens it up for reuse with other channels including GDSs, Internet, and even the hotel`s host reservation system. As the data is reused, quality improves, and so does the return on investment.
As a Web-based service, there is no software to install or programs to load. Properties can quickly enter their own descriptions and rates, eliminating the costly effort of entering data centrally. Since all levels of sales have access to RFPpublisher, there is no need for redundant RFP processes. Local, regional, national, and global accounts can all be bid with a push of a button.
Varying degrees of online customer collaboration are available to and controlled by each hotel company. From no collaboration to completing the entire RFP process online, hotel companies can decide by customer, just how far they want to go.
RFPpublisher even addresses the often-overlooked need to load the subsequent negotiated rates into the GDSs. By adding RatePublisher, another new PropertyVault module, negotiated rates are automatically published in the GDSs, as they are made available in the hotel`s host system. RatePublisher helps start the newly negotiated relationships off on the right track and avoids the typical New Year chaos caused by missing rates.