Sabre Partners With Toronto-Based Farelogix

Fort Worth, Texas and Toronto, Ontario - Sabre Holdings Corporation today announced a strategic technology partnership agreement with Farelogix Inc., a technology company based in Toronto.
Sabre and Farelogix will provide travel professionals with advanced and comprehensive solutions for managing negotiated fares worldwide.
Farelogix`s completely Web-enabled negotiated fares management tool and booking engine supports consolidators, retailers and online agents in the travel business. The booking engine allows for simultaneous searching of both published and negotiated fares in a single display. The Farelogix offering also includes a real-time reporting system for easy access to sales data.
Farelogix will complement Sabre`s own fare management tools by offering a complete, end-to-end solution for managing negotiated content. Sabre will act as a value-added reseller of Farelogix products and services in all global markets. Together, Sabre and Farelogix will co-develop innovative tools for Sabre Connected travel consultants.
“Farelogix welcomes this opportunity to partner with Sabre,” said Rick Gossage, Chairman of Farelogix. “Sabre has a history of innovation in the travel business, and Farelogix is pleased that its own inventive software will be part of Sabre`s product portfolio.”
“Our relationship with Farelogix allows us to combine powerful technology built by Sabre with leading-edge content, reporting, and contract management systems,” said Thaddeus Arroyo, senior vice president of Product Marketing for Sabre. “We believe this initiative will increase travel agency productivity and support travel consultants with their online business-building initiatives.”
The integration of the two companies` technologies provides an immediate solution for Sabre`s fastest-growing customer segments—those that need to manage a database of negotiated air fares. The Farelogix solution will provide Sabre Connected travel consultants with access to thousands of consolidator fares. Sabre customers will be able to access the Farelogix e-business solution early in 2001.