Blink Booking - same-day mobile hotel booking app

Blink Booking - same-day mobile hotel booking app

Available on both iOS (iPhone, iPad and iTouch) and Android platforms – with a tablet-specific version on its way – Blink Booking offers customers anything up to 40% off the best hotel rates available online.  Those offers are available in over 50 cities across seven European countries and at over 700 hotels in total. It is available to travellers from anywhere around the world.

Blink Booking’s offer is simple: every day at 11.00 am, Blink selects the four best hotels (based on a combination of price and location) in each city and those hotels go live to the application – meaning that hotels compete to offer the best rates to appear in the application.

Travellers in need of a room can book there and then, getting ridiculously good rates by booking “last second”. Hotels are offered at a discount to almost every other online travel agent.

The app currently has hotels in eight UK cities (London, Birmingham, Brighton, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester) with more coming online all the time.

The business is backed by, amongst others, Brent Hoberman’s PROFounders, and already has over 200,000 users across Europe.


Blink can help with …

•      Rooms when you’re planning press trips in the UK or Europe
•      Examples of great mobile apps that save you money when you’re on your travels
•      Bookings and pricing data for hotels in major cities “on the day”
•      Comment and analysis on the growing trend of same-day travel apps
•      The way that mobile travel applications are changing the way that people buy hotels
•      Wider comment on trends in mobile-based ecommerce