&Beyond translocates six rhino to Okavango Delta

&Beyond translocates six rhino to Okavango Delta

&Beyond has announced that six translocated rhino have been officially released to roam free in the Okavango Delta.

The entrance to the boma where the animals have been acclimatised for the past few weeks was opened and one or two rhino ventured out at a time, returning to feed.

Upon feeding, four rhino went out to explore, leaving two bulls behind.

They were walking with intent, stopping to graze and drink water every now and then.

It has also been confirmed that one of the three females is actually pregnant and will deliver a calf in five to six months’ time.

All six rhino have been collared and microchipped for research and monitoring purposes and they will be tracked daily by the &Beyond research team.

The information gathered will help guide and secure future translocations.

Guests visiting the lodges in the Okavango Delta will also be able to enjoy guided nature walks with our expert guides to view these endangered animals in their new home.

“Rhino poaching in South Africa has reached critical levels with two to three rhino poached every day and &Beyond continues to do all we can to protect this species,” read a statement from the company.

Three suspected rhino poachers were arrested in the town of Jozini, just north of &Beyond Phinda Private Game Reserve on May 10th 2013.

They were intercepted in a joint operation by the Phinda Anti-Poaching Unit (Nyathi APU Security), SAPS Empangeni Canine Unit, EKZN Wildlife and SAPS Durban Organised Crime Unit.

With poaching at an all-time high, &Beyond therefore decided to move these six rhino from Phinda all the way to Botswana where they will be protected 24/7.

Botswana has a strong security and monitoring framework in place whereby the Department of Wildlife Anti-Poaching Unit and the Botswana Defence Force help to protect the species.