Top 5 Tips to Keep You Entertained on the Move

Top 5 Tips to Keep You Entertained on the Move

Travelling can be many things – exciting, necessary, arduous, fun filled – and even boring. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran scaling the glamour of the Pacific Coast, or a fresh-faced teenager looking to explore major European cities – there is always that period between venues that can leave you with an activity gap.

Here, we discuss five ways to keep you entertained on the move:

Social Media
In this day and age, social media is part of everybody’s life. Whether you’re active on it yourself, or merely part of the bigger social jigsaw – there is no getting away from the latest posts, tags or videos. Take the down time to review the photos you’ve taken, get them posted online, and share the memories of your recent excursions with your closest friends and family. Down time during travelling is a great opportunity to keep your social diary up-to-date with your latest travel shenanigans.

Online Gaming
Online gaming has become increasingly popular amongst 18+ adults today. Mobile betting apps are now almost bug free, and the simplicity with which they operate is improving in vast measures. Why not use your down time to find the latest betting bonus, and put a stake down with a top bookmaker on a football match in the league of your next destination? Or further still, research the form of your favourite team and their opponents, and get them as part of an entertaining multiple.

Listen to Music
Whether you’re a fan of Michael Buble’s jazz, Kanye West’s rap, or Andrea Bocelli’s Nessum Dorma – music has a place in everybody’s life, specifically when one has a period of down time. Travelling can provide just that opportunity. Wind down, metaphorically put your feet up and chill out to your favourite music. An American scientific study recently suggested that your heartbeat actually changes and mimics the music you listen to, and the type of music you listen to perceives the way you view the world – great when exploring the world in all its inner beauty.

Travel Games
Who ever said Snakes & Ladders, Ludo and Scrabble were a a thing of the past? If you’re in a group of two or more, why not re-live your youth and pull out one of these timeless classics to pass the time until your reach your next destination. Milton Bradley actually recreated Snakes & Ladders in 1943, so that it would be more appealing and suiting to captivate an American audience. Who knows – that American gentleman sat next to you on the train might just have been taken in by Bradley’s work.

Natural Curiosity & Research
As human beings, we are naturally curious about aspects of the world we’re yet to discover. A train journey through Europe, or a flight across the United States of America – travelling provides us with the opportunities to explore things we’ve never seen before. Why not take the down time to research where it is you’re travelling – what cities are you going through, what is that landmark to your left, how many passengers has this station had pass through it in the last year? Research can be both fun and stimulating – and it might just open the door to a number of places in your destination that you didn’t even know existed.