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Tomb with unique frescoes in Bulgaria unmatched in the world

Tomb with unique frescoes in Bulgaria unmatched in the world

Lovers of cultural and historical sites around the world are lining up to see the best preserved frescoes from the IV century BC located in the Bulgarian tomb Alexandrovo in Haskovo district ( Discovered accidentally in 2000 by the famous archaeologist Professor Georgi Kitov, the Acropolis is a shining example of the art of the ancient tribe of Thracians that inhabited the southeastern region of the Balkan Peninsula. The access to this unique world famous cultural monument is also available thanks to the developed European project “Development of regional tourist product: Haskovo - Dimitrovgrad - Stambolovo”, financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the state budget of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Thanks to the financial support of the Japanese government in 2009 Thracian Art Museum is opened, which is located near the original tomb. Inside it there is built a replica of the Acropolis. The impressive size of the tomb make it one of the most monumental tombs in the Bulgarian lands. The building has played the role of a temple and mausoleum. Exceptionally well-preserved frescoes provide new evidences for the Thracian religious rites, cults, weapons, clothing and lifestyle. Paintings cover the whole round and rectangular chambers and a small part of the corridor. Hunting, battle scenes, and scenes from a funeral feast alternated with monochromatic bands and those with ornamental decoration. Since 2011 the Alexandrovo tomb is a part of The hundred tourist sites in Bulgaria. Currently a procedure is developed to include the Tomb of Alexandrovo in the list of World Heritage by UNESCO.

The huge museum complex to the Acropolis was even opened by the Japanese Prince Akishino. Rich exposition displays numerous artifacts from the Thracian period in the region of Haskovo as most of them can be seen in the frescoes of Alexandrovo Tomb - weapons, jewelry, craft. Amongst the most popular exhibits in the Museum Center are undoubtedly found in the northern part of the Sakar Mountain 98 gold trim (4500-4000 BC.). They are the oldest known worked gold in the world. The museum center is one of the most modern, well equipped and representative in the country and by 2011 it is part of The hundred tourist sites in Bulgaria.

Alexandrovo tomb is accessible by highway from the capital of Bulgaria Sofia. There is an option to stay in comfortable hotels in Haskovo, where nice restaurants offer national and international cuisine.