The World’s Top Seven City Breaks Revealed

In today’s fast-paced, work-obsessed world, the city break has become a happily convenient indulgence. Spy a long weekend, make a booking, grab your passports and you’re on your way to immersing yourself in the sights and sounds of a new metropolis.

There are a huge amount of options when it comes to city breaks, each with their own attractions, character and activities. Here, we’ve compiled what we currently consider to be the seven best city breaks across the entire globe. So no matter where you are, you can the most of the city of your choice. And by booking with Expedia, at, you can ensure that taking a break isn’t going to break the bank.

A long-time gold standard for the city break, one can never get bored with this romantic place, The City of Light. Bask in the city’s ornate beauty by day and slip into the Latin Quarter after dark to enjoy the bars and cafés where some of the greatest minds of the 19th and 20th centuries once pored over their masterpieces (with a drink or five). With 20 distinct and vibrant districts to explore, Paris is the city you’ll keep going back to.

Prague is a city so rich in culture and history that it can be beautifully overwhelming. One of the most opulent and unique cities anywhere in the world, it boasts a cultural mix of high-brow sophistication and unpretentious, unadulterated fun. Stay in some of the beautiful historical hotels, and travel by tram or boat to a classical concert, see some avant-garde theatre or simply to explore the magical Old Town.

New York
This city is so iconic and such a familiar presence in film, photography, music and literature, you might already feel as though you’ve been countless times and think it couldn’t surprise you. You’d be wrong, however: nothing can prepare you for the visceral thrill of actually being there in this booming city, which is still constantly changing and growing. Manhattan provides the jaw-dropping buildings and shops, but don’t forget to take the train to the other boroughs, where you’ll discover a whole new world. Be it the indie cool of Brooklyn, or the urban rhythms of Queens or Coney Island, with its uniquely old-time, romantically faded Americana charm, you can never be bored in the Big Apple.

Tokyo’s reputation as tech-savvy, ultra-hip playground precedes it. The city is stunning in its fast-paced neon glory, but cherry blossom gardens and ornate shrines wait just around the corner for the cultural traveller. With its world-class cuisine and extravagant shops, Tokyo is the ultimate mini-break city.
For the thrill-seeking traveller, few places fulfil this as much as India’s booming cultural capital. Mumbai is the physical embodiment of a Bollywood film: big and brash with colour and spark to spare. Stay in the stylish business district and venture out into the bustle, enjoying the chaos, colour, food and people of the city streets.

Cape Town
Backed by the bounteous terrain of the Table Mountain, and full of a cool, elegant charm, Cape Town has established itself as an international city: its museums, shops, food culture, music, theatre and pulsing nightlife make Cape Town a truly cosmopolitan place. Stay in one of the city’s many luxury hotels to soak up the urban vibe, or dink up the stunning wines of the region while staying in a vineyard villa.

Buenos Aires
A party city, if there ever was one, Argentina’s capital is as vibrancy itself. Capturing the spirit of South America, Buenos Aires is a hot, steamy location with loud, life-affirming music filling the air, great food and whole lot of pizzazz. The cafés and bars of the city recall the continent’s romantic, reckless days of yesteryear, while the clubs and bars offer fantastically gaudy and garish decor. If it’s a good time you’re looking for, look no further.