London tops the list as the most expensive city in Europe

London tops the list as the most expensive city in Europe

The cost of living in a European city will vary depending on where you want to be based. The new interactive tool from On Stride shows that Istanbul in Turkey is one of the cheapest cities to live in, whilst Reykjavik is one of the most expensive.

While it might boast impressive free attractions such as Trafalgar Square, public parks including Regent’s Park and a whole host of free galleries, London is still the most expensive European city to live in according to this On Stride creative. For a small apartment in London, renters can expect to fork out £1500 and traveling around will cost around £200. The cost of entertainment is high as well with a trip to the cinema costing an average £8 and while food and drink costs in London are cheaper than other European cities, they are still the highest in the UK.

In comparison, renting a home in Zurich, Switzerland is slightly cheaper at £1100 a month, but food and drink are notably expensive with a can of coke costing £2.70. It will also cost more to go to the cinema here at £11.80 but it is cheaper to visit a Zurich theme park at only £32 compared to London at £49.99.

Prague in the Czech Republic is comparatively far cheaper to rent a property in at only £354 per month. The cost of transport is also cheaper at just £16 for a monthly public transport pass, and a loaf of bread is only £0.60 compared to £1.80 in London.

Athens in Greece is another cost-effective city to live in Europe with a cinema ticket setting you back a mere £4.30. A pint of beer is only £1.00 compared to more expensive places like Zurich and London at £4.00 and renting a small apartment in the city centre will only cost £239 per month.

Paris is more expensive with rent costing around £1100 a month, and at £6 a beer, drinking out is notably costly. However getting around is cheaper than in London at £113 for a monthly travel pass. Lastly, renting an apartment in Sofia, Bulgaria will cost £400 but a loaf of bread is a mere £0.40 and a can of coke only £0.70.

Despite the high living costs, London remains a popular cultural city to live in, as does Zurich and Paris. It is possible to source money-off deals to theme parks and vouchers for dining out to make living in an expensive European city more cost-effective.