Lixto Travel Price Intelligence helps Online Travel and Hotel Companies Maximize Revenue

Lixto Travel Price Intelligence helps Online Travel and Hotel Companies Maximize Revenue

Hotels, along with online travel agencies and booking companies operating in the travel market, have long sought to look beyond competitive price evaluation and into qualitative analysis. Now, thanks to the new Lixto Travel Price Intelligence solution they can do this.

Bad service and quality can impact the reputation of a hotel bookings or travel company, not just the hotel itself.  To help address this, for the first time Lixto is able to offer its users analysis of customer hotel reviews to gain a qualitative picture of a hotel’s position and quality, beyond simple price measurements and SLA assurances.  Lixto Travel Price Intelligence also offers users browser-based access to data, so that reports and information can be accessed from any web browser, greatly increasing the flexibility of use and application.  The service also offers a range of pricing metrics for a ticket or hotel room based on a supplier’s own prices alongside those of competitors for the same route or hotel, allowing quick and easy ‘like for like’ price comparison.

The company’s Price Intelligence Suite already enables organizations in the travel industry to quickly and easily access and monitor information on hundreds of products and price points across multiple websites. Incorporating specialist price operations, analytics and strategy modules, Lixto’s Price Intelligence Suite enables sophisticated price and margin management.

Now, with the addition of customer reviews and rankings, pricing and revenue managers can obtain a much more complete picture of the competitive landscape, according to Jason Houle, vice president of travel solutions at Lixto. “Service and quality can impact the reputation of an individual lodging property as well as the booking or travel company,” he explains. “The ability to gain a qualitative picture of a hotel’s position through analysis of user rankings and reviews is invaluable to every entity involved.”

Users of the Lixto Price Intelligence Suite receive extracted data results online through easy-to-read dashboard reports that clearly highlight possible threats and opportunities, and support decision-making that can positively impact volume, margins and the bottom line. The suite also offers email updates and sophisticated analysis and drilldown capabilities, along with browser-based data access.

“Lixto’s latest online competitive analysis tool gives travel and hotel companies a wider range of information about their suppliers and competitors than ever before,” says Houle. “They will be able to make better, more confident pricing decisions and contract negotiations, understanding the impact of every move on customer satisfaction and buying behaviour.”