Introducing the fitness travel company - combining fitness with exotic and intriguing destinations

Introducing the fitness travel company - combining fitness with exotic and intriguing destinations

For those who seek a lifestyle far from the ordinary, the Fitness Travel Company combines the very best in fitness training, with some of world’s most exotic and intriguing destinations. From the stunning isle of Ibiza, to the unspoiled landscapes of Senegal, you can look forward to a completely exhilarating and unique experience.

By offering exclusive, unique fitness travel experiences, the Fitness Travel Company will provide you with the chance to have fun whilst achieving your ultimate fitness goals.

Once you have chosen your destination, your journey will begin with an elite fitness professional contacting you. They will arrange a first meeting, during which your fitness levels will be assessed and goals defined. This is the first step of what will be an extremely satisfying and exciting journey. A series of personal training sessions will then be scheduled, working around your commitments to ensure that you have three appointments each week for a minimum of three weeks before your trip.

Upon arrival at your destination you will eat, drink, train, sleep healthily, be invigorated by your surroundings and feel deeply refreshed, free from the strains and pressures of your normal routine back home. You will then return to your life with renewed energy and a fresh outlook. A minimum of three further training sessions will be arranged during the week of your return, to focus on improving any of the techniques learned while you’ve been away.

A recent Ecuador Andean Adventure trip saw guests trek the Guagua Pichincha, journey by mountain bike into the hills, explore the city, travel to to Fuya-Fuya and Mojanda Lake, climb Volcano Rumiñahui, kayak the local river, enjoy personal training sessions and refuel on only the healthiest gormet food.

Robert Tynan, Founder & CEO, said: ““The desire to be fitter, slimmer and more confident lies within all of us. Life is unscripted, so grab adventure with both hands, live life to the full and take this opportunity to make your fitness goals a reality.”

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Magical Senegal
23rd January to 31st January 2014

Feel alive, eat drink and sleep in a world created especially for your mental and physical revitalisation. Partnering with the inspiring Karolien Pieters and her stunning property LES PALETUVIERS (Toubacouta), this dream trip will take you to Senegal’s unspoiled landscape as a backdrop for a spectacular fitness adventure. We give you the opportunity to be at one with its surroundings, exhale the pressures of life, and feel the heartbeat of Mother Nature – all while immersing yourself in the world of fitness.

Highlights of Toubacouta
The luxurious sleeping huts are spread out in a beautiful baobab and flower park in the middle of a small authentic village called Toubacouta. The harmony with the local population makes you feel at home in this bush village. Enjoy the ‘teranga’, typical Senegalese hospitality, and drink in this relaxed and highly captivating culture. This is adventure and total freedom at your fingertips.

By Proa (boat) you can experience the bustle of life in and around the mangrove delta. The shoreline is the place to be for the many thousands of tropical birds, such as ospreys and flamingos. Immerse yourself completely and bathe in the healthy salt water of the delta, a glorious experience.

This is one of the most fish-abundant areas in the world. Experience a breath-taking eco safari.  At night, under the magnificent moonlight, accompanied by nocturnal cries, you can search the bush for tracks of wild hyenas, warthogs and other beauties of the wilderness. By foot you will experience the wild savannah and the local tribes up close and personal, as you stroll through the villages and meet their typical inhabitants, amidst the many baobabs.

Ecuador Amazing South America
28th February to 8th March 2014

Ecuador, draped across the equator in the North West corner of South America, from tropical rain forests to snow on the equator, spectacular topography, scenery untouched by time, this will be the adventure of a life time. The country can be divided into four regions: the western coastal lowlands, the Andean backbone, the eastern jungles of the Amazonian basin and the Galapagos islands. Ecuador is one of the most species-rich nations on earth and is perfect for a mega adventure with FTC.

Ecuador is an adventurer’s dream with the promise of an unlimited array of activities throughout the country including mountaineering, white water rafting, mountain biking, surfing, hiking and of course relaxation.

The varied geographic terrain and panorama allow visitors to experience a broad menu of visual masterpieces. These include numerous natural thermal hot baths, pristine volcanic lagoons, majestic volcanoes (many snow-capped), extensive rivers and peaceful lakes, sandy white beaches and lush green tropical vegetation. You will experience the indigenous markets (artisan, animal and agricultural), stroll around historic towns and cities, listen to Andean panpipes, and sample the often exotic gastronomy that the country boasts (with a healthy twist of course).