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Embraer to honour birthday of founder Ozires Silva

Embraer is preparing to premiere an animated short film ‘O Voo do Impossível’ (freely translated as ‘The Flight of the Impossible”) in celebration of the 90th birthday of Ozires Silva.

Silva is considered one of Brazil’s most important leaders in the aeronautic industry.

The 14-minute-long 3D film reveals his life starting with his childhood alongside his inseparable friend nicknamed Zico and progressing to his career as a military pilot and aeronautic engineer at Brazilian Air Force, where his dream of designing an aircraft materializes.

In 1969 Silva led the team that founded Embraer.

The story starts in the early 1940s, when the two boys used to meet on a park bench in Bauru city, in the Midwest of São Paulo State, to talk about aviation and try to understand why Brazil did not manufacture its own airplanes.

Later in life, the boys decide to apply for the Brazilian Air Force with the goal of becoming pilots and studying in an aeronautical engineering school.

The short 3D film enables audiences to relive Silva’s life story entwined with funny and attractive approaches.

The 3D film applies concepts of classic cinema with audio-visual aesthetics.

The short film shows characters and scenarios modelled with textures and colours researched and captured from that time real records, creating a realistic and humanised atmosphere.

The film will be available from Friday, with a preview above.