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British Airways signs with Aston Martin for Concorde-themed sportscar

In the airline’s centenary year and on the anniversary of Concorde’s final flight, British Airways has announced a partnership with Aston Martin.

The deal will see the launch of a limited-edition sports car that honours the supersonic aircraft.

The luxury British car manufacturer has created the DBS Superleggera Concorde Edition.

Launching in October next year, each vehicle will feature titanium from compressor blades that were used across British Airways’ supersonic fleet.

Each model will have a unique Civil Aviation Authority approved registration number and British Airways’ iconic Chatham Flag tailfin has been incorporated into the striking design.

The exterior features a bespoke painted livery in the airline’s red, white and blue colours, and a black tinted carbon fibre roof emblazoned with Concorde’s streamlined silhouette.

Strictly limited to just 10 examples and priced at £321,350, all will be available to purchase exclusively from Aston Martin Bristol.

A video and details of the DBS Concorde Edition can be seen above.