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Douglas Coupland exhibition comes to Fairmont Pacific Rim

The Pacific Gallery at Fairmont Pacific Rim has opened with its inaugural exhibit, Green Light Red Light by Douglas Coupland.

The location features a multitude of pieces from the Canadian visual artist and novelist.

Visitors and guests can view Coupland’s works on the hotel’s second floor and in the lobby lounge, a place where collaborations with artists and musicians blend together for a unique experience.

Coupland is widely viewed as one of the most original commentators on mass culture of the late 20th and the 21st centuries.

His exhibit expresses a dynamic that fuses “nostalgic pop culture with violence”.

Green Light Red Light explores the tail end of the twentieth century.

Coupland’s pieces share a tone that is at once distinctly menacing, yet wryly camouflaged by his signature broad-spectrum colour palette.

“It’s strange how quickly the past became ‘history,’ — and it’s even stranger how quickly the future is becoming the present.

“I think we maybe no longer have a present,” said Coupland.

“I think we now inhabit the future 24/7.”

The collection came to the Pacific Gallery at Fairmont Pacific Rim through its ownership group, Westbank, long-time collaborators with Coupland and one of North America’s leading mixed-use real estate development practices.

The exhibit will be on display at the Pacific Gallery into the new year and pieces from the collection are available for purchase through Toronto’s Daniel Faria Gallery.