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Visit Malaysia 2020 launches in London

Industry stakeholders gathered earlier for a briefing on the roll out of the Visit Malaysia 2020 campaign in the UK.

Taking place at the Malaysian high commission in London, the event celebrated with a Malaysian-style brunch and was attended by the high commissioner Mohamad Sadik Kethergany, Shahrir Ali of Tourism Malaysia and the Malaysia Airlines UK team.

The Visit Malaysia 2020 campaign is a platform that has been developed to attract a record number of visitors and to position Malaysia as a destination of choice for leisure and business tourists.

Overall, tourism is performing well in 2019, with the number of tourist arrivals to Malaysia increasing by 4.9 per cent to 13.35 million in the first six months of this year, from 12.73 million in 2018.

The UK continues to perform as a key market, and ranks the second highest for tourist expenditure per capita, after Saudi Arabia.