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Turkish Airlines load factor over 80 percent in May

Turkish Airlines load factor over 80 percent in May

Overcoming the negative effects of pandemic on the global aviation sector faster than any other airline, Turkish Airlines enjoys its successful days on the skies once again. Leaving behind the days where zero passengers were transported at various routes with entire sector at halt, flag carrier reached 80 percent load factor, carrying 6.3 million passengers during May 2022.

Releasing its passenger and cargo traffic results of May, flag carrier managed to increase its seat capacity offered to passengers by 12.6 percent compared to same period of 2019 due to the increasing demand despite several countries still continuing travel restrictions.

Commenting on the May numbers of the company, Turkish Airlines General Manager Bilal Ekşi; “Although our sector was almost brought to halt during pandemic, we as Turkish Airlines never stopped. We worked towards today as we knew we would be returning to our route to success even stronger. May 2022 numbers show that our goals and dreams are starting to materialize. We believe we will be meeting again above the clouds with the 6.3 million passengers who chose the privileged travel experience of Turkish Airlines during May and extend our thanks for choosing us. Now is the time to talk about good things again.”

Turkish Airlines was successful not just with passenger transportation but also with steps taken in air cargo sector. The volume of cargo and mail carried during May increased by 11.3 percent compared to the same period of 2019, reaching 144 thousand tons.

According to May 2022 Traffic Results;


  Carrying a total of 6.3 million passengers, Turkish Airlines’ domestic load factor is 83.7% and international load factor is 79.5%.
  Cargo and Mail volume increased by 11.3 percent compared to same period of 2019 and reached 144 thousand tons

According to the January-May 2022 Traffic Results;

  Total passengers carried during January-May period was at 24 million.
  During January-May, total load factor was at 73.5 percent. International load factor was at 72.5 while domestic load factor was at 82.8 percent.
  Total Available Seat Kilometer during January-May became 71.8 billion during 2022 while it was 72.7 billion during the same period of 2019.
  Cargo/mail carried during January-May increased by 13.4% compared to same period of 2019 and reached to 673 thousand tons.
  Number of aircraft in the fleet became 376 at the end of May.