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TripAdvisor: UK room rates set for sharp fall

TripAdvisor: UK room rates set for sharp fall

TripAdvisor has announced the results of its 2017 Hotel Pricing Report, revealing UK hotel room rates will be significantly cheaper in 2017 compared to 2016.

Driven in large part by a drop in the value of the pound, many inbound travellers to the UK are likely to see their spending power increase in 2017, potentially providing a welcome boost to the UK hotel sector.

Japanese travellers will see the biggest price decrease, with UK hotel room rates - when converted to yen - decreasing by 17 per cent year-on-year.

Brazilian tourists stand to benefit from a 15 per cent decrease in UK room rates in their local currency, while Australians and those in the Eurozone are also benefitting from marked price drops (13 per cent and eight per cent in their local currencies respectively).

The increased spending power of travellers from these countries has seen the UK rise up the TripAdvisor Hotel Shopping Ranking, which ranks countries and markets according to global traveller interest, based on TripAdvisor hotel instant booking and meta click data.


In 2017, the UK ranks sixth on the list of 184 countries, up from ninth position in 2016 – leapfrogging Japan, Italy and Thailand in the process.

However, the report also reveals that not all international travellers will see a drop in room rates when visiting the UK this year.

American travellers will actually see a modest increase of two per cent year-on-year, while Indonesian travellers will see a jump of nine per cent in the cost of staying in the UK.

“For lots of foreign travellers planning a trip to the UK in 2017, the price they pay for their room will be significantly cheaper than it was last year.

“Whether the UK hotel sector can take advantage of this may depend on how well they target their marketing efforts to attract customers from those countries that are enjoying the biggest price decreases,” commented James Kay, TripAdvisor spokesperson.