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Trinidad & Tobago launches new online training course

Trinidad & Tobago launches new online training course

Highlighting its commitment to agent training, Trinidad & Tobago has launched a new online programme under the Travel Uni portal.

Called ‘Learn Trinbago,’ the new learning platform heralds the destination’s 2016 agent training schedule, which will also include a mega FAM to the islands in the summer and more on-the-road training.

Commenting on the new programme, Darrin des Vignes, Trinidad & Tobago Tourist Office said: “We wanted to create an eye catching and dynamic training programme to really bring our dual island nation to life.

“Full of punchy facts, photographs and videos, the multi-module programme provides agents with a greater understanding of the islands and the hidden gems, activities, events, experiences and types of accommodation available.

“Plus what’s really beneficial to agents is that as they extend their destination knowledge, they can also make and log bookings and win rewards.”


The new online programme takes agents on a six module discovery of the twin island destination. 

In order to move through the training programme and to consolidate their learning, at the end of each module agents are required to complete a short test before moving on to the next one. 

Each module, including the end of section test, takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. 

Once they have successfully finished the whole course agents can download a certificate.

They are also able to monitor their progress on each module and view their exam history.

A substantial improvement on the previous training programme, ‘Trinbago’ is far more visually appealing and offers more information and sales tips.

Plus it focuses on the activities available across both islands. Rather than centre on Tobago as main tourist destination; under the new course agents are encouraged to look at the country’s two-centre appeal. 

Through the Trinidad module, they will learn that aside its business and industry attributes, the island also has a spectacular tourism offering – with a variety of niche experiences, from mountain biking along undiscovered rainforest pathways, to bird watching, cultural opportunities and mind blowing events.