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Trinidad & Tobago launches new eco-tourism trail development project

Trinidad & Tobago launches new eco-tourism trail development project

Trinidad & Tobago ministry of tourism, in collaboration with the Trinidad & Tobago Incoming Tour Operators Association, has launched a sustainable eco-tourism trail project that will enable residents, visitors and nature enthusiasts to enjoy and experience more of the dual island’s fascinating and natural beauty.

Over the next five years, the ministry will work with local residents and communities to resuscitate and restore around 1,000 kilometres of untouched landscape, starting in the lush and mountainous regions of Blanchisseuse and Chaguaramas in the north coast of Trinidad.

The aim is to open up a number of hiking and biking trails showcasing the islands’ unspoilt natural beauty and fascinating bio diversity.

Eager walkers and biking enthusiasts will be able to experience new and exciting trails through the rainforest and along the stunning coastline, with lunch stops at different communities along the way allowing visitors to enjoy the warmth and hospitality for which the people of Trinidad & Tobago are renowned.

According to Warren Solomon, general manager of marketing at the Trinidad & Tobago Tourism Development Company: “The ecotourism trail development project is an extremely exciting initiative that will help us showcase the raw magnificence of the dual-island destination.


“We are seeing a rise in visitors who are attracted to Trinidad and Tobago due to the strength of its adventure and sports offering and the new eco trail shows our continued commitment to developing and investing within this area. We are also looking forward to working closely with the local communities to create a number of long term jobs.”

The project will rely on local partnerships and guidance from stakeholders with expertise in the development of eco trails and will create a number of employment opportunities within the local communities.