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TrekAmerica launches online community platform

In what is being billed as an attempt to change the way online social media is used in the tourism sector, TrekAmerica has announced the launch of TrekAmerica Live.

Centred around an ambition to link past, present and potential trekkers together, the new social networking platform will allow users from around the world to share their experiences with peers.

These experiences can take the form of blog entries, photographs and even video – allowing the UK-based operator to build up a library of content for prospective travellers.

How does it work?

After booking a TrekAmerica tour, each passenger will receive a unique URL, linking them to their own individual Trekkers profile on TrekAmerica Live.

This page will contain their details, along with an interactive map of the tour they have booked. From here travellers will be able to invite friends log into their profile, while the interactive tour map will display their exact location.

An interactive maps shows where Trekkers are at any time

TrekAmerica Live allows travellers to interact with people who will be travelling on their chosen trip and essentially meet them before they hit the road.

Moreover, there will be no need for travellers to duplicate their efforts with any other social networking sites – as TrekAmerica synchs perfectly with Facebook.

Indeed the creators argue it is better than Facebook, allowing users to upload high-resolution images of their adventures – perfect for sharing around the world.

As an incentive to post content on TrekAmerica Live, travellers will earn Trek Points for their posts, which will be redeemable for substantial discounts on future TrekAmerica travel. 

For more information head over to TrekAmerica Live.