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Travelex and TripAdvisor announce strategic partnership

Travelex and TripAdvisor announce strategic partnership

Travel industry giants Travelex and TripAdvisor have announced a partnership deal that will provide holidaymakers with real time real time currency rates and information on the Tripadvisor website. Up to 40 million people annually are expected to benefit from the deal as they research holidays on the site in what is the first time the TripAdvisor has partnered with a travel money provider to provide live web content.

The campaign will comprise of a series of tailored digital advertisements as well as Travelex’s currency converter widget placed strategically throughout ‘Before You Go’ sections of the site, automatically updated with relevant rates and currencies. It will also mark a media first - the first time TripAdvisor® has hard coded a third party’s widget functionality.

Julian Neal, Global e-Commerce and Marketing Director, Travelex Currency Services says “Travelex is delighted to join with TripAdvisor to provide its users with timely and relevant information to aid them in preparing for the holidays. As the only truly global currency specialist, we see this as an important strategic partnership, with the world’s largest travel site.

“The fees associated with using debit and credit cards abroad are becoming increasingly expensive and there are so many hidden costs, travellers simply don’t know what they will be paying. Organising currency ahead of your trip is the best way to get the best overall value from your holiday and removes the stresses associated with getting cash at the destination.

“Invariably the best currency rates are found online and further, Travelex customers in both the UK and US have the assurance of our Online Price Promise and the ability to take care of all their travel money needs in what is a one-stop shop,’ he said.


Kevin Clapson, TripAdvisor’s head of UK sales, comments, “As the world’s largest travel site we aim to provide travellers with everything they need to plan the perfect trip. Partnering with Travelex means travellers can now quickly and easily view real time currency rates and information on the TripAdvisor site while planning the rest of their trip.”

The announcement comes as Travelex looks to increase its focus on digital across its global estate.

Neal added: “There is massive potential in working with an iconic and trusted brand like TripAdvisor,  when we prove the model works and that customers are responding, we can roll it out globally to our other markets.

“Digital is an area of increasing importance for our business as consumers spend more time online researching and booking their travel. We’re continuing to invest in our core digital activities, increasing investment in eCRM an upweighting our affiliate programme.”

The Travelex campaign went live TripAdvisor on 7 June in the US and will go live 20 June in the UK.