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Travel site momondo relaunches its flight search app

Travel site momondo relaunches its flight search app

Travel search engine launches a redesigned app featuring price graphs, calendar view and a mobile-exclusive matrix view. The app has been designed from the ground up with user-friendliness and speed in mind, to provide travellers with the maximum transparency and simplicity.

More than ever users are looking for flights on the go. Travel search engine now takes an important step to meet mobile users’ individual demands with a redesigned flight search app available free to all on iOS. The Android version launches later in the summer.

The new app features a price graph, a calendar view and a mobile-exclusive matrix view, showing users the cheapest combinations of out-going and return flights to present more data to users in a simpler way.

The app was developed in-house with user-friendliness as a top priority, explains Martin Røssell, Head of Development at momondo:

“Because people interpret data in different ways, there are three different views: Calendar, graph and matrix. Some people like graphs for easy visual comparison, and some like actual numbers, as displayed in the matrix showing the prices for different combinations of days, which allows us to show users data the way they prefer to see it.”


See flight price before hitting ‘search’

The three new views simplify the flight search process by letting users see an estimated flight price before they even hit the search button. This simplification of flight search is one of momondo’s core goals explains Røssell:

“Our behind-the-scenes redesign allows us to estimate the price even before the search, giving users maximum transparency as early as possible.”