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Transformative Travel – A Unique Mindful Escape to New Life Portugal

Transformative Travel – A Unique Mindful Escape to New Life Portugal

A first of its kind in European health retreats, offering purposefully designed therapy programmes and activities, has opened in the Serra da Estrela natural park in Portugal. 
Open throughout the year, New Life Portugal is unlike other European wellness retreats, which focus on yoga, spirituality, mediation or another specialised themes. New Life Portugal brings together expert professionals to create personalised sessions combining wellness and spiritual therapies alongside psychology practices. The bespoke sessions are like no other as they look to support anyone looking to cultivate their sustainable wellbeing, not just purely from a spiritual perspective. The team of world class experts provide unrivalled scientific knowledge on how to reset and recover, understanding that for many it takes more than wellness therapies to deliver a true life reset.

World leading experts support guests in a variety of areas. Guests may wish to focus on anxiety, depression, grief recovery, review relationships or simply get away from their everyday stresses of life. New Life Portugal has a range of revitalisation package options tailored to every individual’s needs or stage of life. 

A trip to New Life Portugal promises much more than a beach escape, it aims to change your way of life, for the better. While regular holidays offer a few days with an opportunity to de-stress, New Life Portugal offers transformational travel, enriching getaways that provide a deeper physical and emotional withdrawal from the stresses and strains of everyday life. They are truly transformative experiences that provide an opportunity to disconnect from the chaos of daily life, reconnect with oneself, and gain clarity for making more meaningful decisions. New Life Portugal’s programmes deliver long term mental health and well-being value, not a quick fix. You no longer have to travel to Tibet or India to access such experiences. 

New Life Portugal is located in a serene location, surrounded by nature’s beauty in Portugal’s UNESCO World Heritage site. This setting provides the ideal ambiance to detach from the hustle and bustle of daily life and unwind. The benefit of being in Europe means you can go over a weekend from the UK. 

Luis Cunhal of New Life Portugal said: “After considerable research, we designed New Life Portugal to offer a series of bespoke programmes bringing together spiritual, wellbeing and science to truly deliver and make long term changes to the lives of our guests. We have an enviable team of world leading experts who can ensure a true reset both mentally and spiritually. There are so many wellness retreats that appear to have one or two focal areas, but do not tailor to meet specific needs and they do not have the scientific knowledge alongside the wellness techniques. Everyone is different, with different anxieties or focuses and we have recognised this in our comprehensive selection of packages. We will also work with the individual to develop exactly what they need. Being in Portugal makes us accessible to more people and we attract guests from across Europe and beyond. Some for simply a weekend, others for a full month programme.”


New Life Portugal offers a range of retreat options to suit budgets and diaries, including 3 days, 7 days, 14 days and 28 days, designed to provide guests with affordable solutions specific to their need.

Programmes include: 

Fundamentals Experience – 3 nights. A Short stay package for those tired of fast living

Relax and Recover – 7 nights. A sanctuary for busy minds allowing you to reconnect with the world around you

Reset and Rejuvenate – 14 nights. Replenish physical and mental resources and mindfully create new habits

Reconnect and Heal – 28 days. A transformative retreat for those experiencing burnout, chronic stress or depression

Read more here of upcoming retreats taking place. 

From €303.44 / £264.20 a night, with the new weekend retreat starting from (Sunday-Wednesday) €910.32 / £792.59

For more info visit New Life Portugal - Wellness Retreat & Mindfulness Centre