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Top tips from Europcar to get the most out of Car Hire

Top tips from Europcar to get the most out of Car Hire

Before you hire

      * During the summer, automatics and MPVs are popular with tourists, so you may find a manual or estate better value
      * It can often be easier and cheaper to get a car hire for the weekend as opposed to during the week – apart from in London, when it’s busiest at weekends
      * For short trips of less than a day, hire a car or van by the hour to cut down the costs
      * Plan ahead. Car hire prices change frequently but during busy travel periods the price can go up
      * Make sure you hire a car that suits your needs; don’t opt for the smallest car if you’re a family of four on a two week holiday
      * If you’re off to the airport, consider all your transport options; hiring a car can be cheaper than parking or train and taxi journeys
      * If you need to cancel or change your booking, make sure you do it as far in advance as possible
      * If you live in central London, it may be cheaper to get the tube to the outskirts and hire from there
      * Don’t just go by car hire price comparison sites – you can often get a better overall deal direct, especially if you want the car delivered or a number of extras
      * Loyalty will often be rewarded. For example, Europcar offers a Hire Rewards programme, giving 10% off its best rates every time you book, free delivery and two free additional drivers
      * Business users can also get loyalty rewards. For example, Europcar offers Business Advantage, giving 15% off every time you hire, or ‘Refer and Earn’ which pays commission for business referral
      * Avoid paying for two journeys when you need to drive a car or van one way. Europcar offers Airport Connect and City Connect services to cut down the cost
      * Look out for companies that will conveniently deliver to your door. For example, Europcar will deliver a car to your door for free with ‘weDeliver’

Keeping the cost down

      * Rather than pay for full excess reduction insurance you can just cover the most frequently damaged items. For example, Europcar offer this option through ‘Value Cover’
      * Keep your fuel consumption down by keeping the air-conditioning switched off
      * If you have separate insurance, check what it covers thoroughly – easily damaged items like windscreens and tyres may not be covered
      * Pay for your car hire in advance – you’re likely to get a cheaper price than paying on the day
      * Before setting of on a long journey check whether there is a mileage cap which could incur a costly penalty (Europcar don’t impose mileage caps)
      * Not all insurance products are the same so check if your policy reduces the excess to zero or just to a couple of hundred pounds

When picking up your car


      * Don’t be afraid to ask for a specific car model. There are no guarantees, but it costs nothing to ask and you may get what you want
      * If you fancy an upgrade, just ask – you can often get a much nicer car for very little extra cost
      * Make sure you check your vehicle thoroughly when you collect it and inform the staff of any unrecorded damage to avoid unexpected charges

Whilst you’re traveling

      * Avoid any driving penalties, make sure you pay all charges and tolls during your hire period

Be sure to have roadside assistance incase you have an incident during your hire period – Europcar offers free help via First Call Assist