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Thomas Cook unveils brochure innovation

Thomas Cook unveils brochure innovation

Browsing a brochure and booking a holiday has never been easier thanks to Thomas Cook’s new summer 2013 brochure, which is packed with technical innovations and fabulous deals.

Thomas Cook has expert knowledge of what British families want from a holiday, and this established travel company also knows how to make the booking process as easy as possible.

2012 prices for 2013
With the release of the summer 2013 brochure, which offers thousands of cheap holidays at 2012 prices, booking a sun break is set to be easier than ever.
The Summer ‘13 brochure will be released on May 3 and is packed with innovations to help customers research and book holidays in their favourite ways - online and using smartphones.

Holiday guide DVD
Every brochure will come with a holiday guide DVD to bring the holidays and hotels to life and share details on brand-new initiatives such as the Kids’ Clubs and a range of delicious in-flight meals created by the celebrity chef James Martin.

What’s more, smartphone users can watch the holiday guide film and take virtual tours of 100 top hotels on their phones, by scanning a special Quick Response (QR) code. This will be welcome for many holidaymakers as, according to Google, 28% of holiday searches come from a mobile device, and one third from a tablet.


The new film material can also be viewed at Thomas Cook’s existing virtual brochure store,
Online research

“Customers take their holiday research very seriously,” says Thomas Cook’s marketing director Michael Johnson. “Especially those who book early - and we know they have a strong need for electronic access to information at home and on the move. That’s why we have come up with several initiatives to make holiday research quicker, more effective and utilizing the latest technology. Our recent research also shows that customers often experience a condition known as ‘holiday head’ where they are confused by all the reports, brochures and options. Providing more information on video will provide our customers with clearer and more tailored information while eliminating the need for more paper.”

Changing the brochures in this way will have a huge impact on the amount of paper used in production. Almost one quarter (21.5%) fewer brochures will be needed in comparison to last year, when there was a trial of brochure-less stores, which proved popular with customers.

Customers who can avoid ‘holiday head’ and get on with booking a great deal - knowing that all the holidays are ATOL-protected - can spend more time looking forward to a week or two in the sun instead.

Greece will continue to be a popular destination for 2013, and short-haul trips such as Rhodes holidays or Turkey holidays can be booked with a small deposit, starting at £75 for a single traveller or £200 for a family of four.

Tropical hotspots, such as the wide range of Cancun holidays, can be booked for a deposit of £100, or £300 for a family of four.
Kids go almost free

In addition to the 2012 prices and amazing ‘Kids for a Quid’ places, early-bird families can enjoy other discounts, such as the luxury of pre-bookable seats and extra luggage allowance.

“Booking early gives customers, families in particular, peace of mind that they have their dream hotel secured and can get seats on that preferred early morning flight and arrive in daylight - all the things that make happy kids and happy parents,” said Ian Ailles, Thomas Cook’s CEO for the package holiday division.