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The Port of Seville, epicenter of nautical innovation and the transformation of blue tourism

The Port of Seville, epicenter of nautical innovation and the transformation of blue tourism

The Port of Seville has been the setting for an unprecedented event in the field of blue tourism: the forum “OPEN INNOVATION: A DEVELOPMENT TOOL FOR BLUE TOURISM”. This meeting brought together the main players in the nautical and port sector, with a special focus on innovation and digital transformation, key elements for the future of this industry.
The Deputy Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport of the Junta de Andalucía, Víctor González, stressed in his speech the essentiality of adopting innovative approaches in tourism: “Innovation is not just an option, but a necessity on the road to a more sustainable and efficient blue tourism. This forum is a clear example of how Andalusia is at the forefront of this transformation”.

Rafael Carmona, president of Suncruise Andalucía and the Port Authority of Seville, emphasized the importance of collaboration between different sectors to drive innovation: “The union of efforts between the public, private and academic sectors is fundamental to develop solutions that really impact and improve our industry. This forum is a shining example of how the coming together of different industry players can create extraordinary solutions. Blue tourism is the future, and we are here to design that future together.”
The forum focused on several key themes, including the presentation of the winning solutions from the second call of the Suncruise Open Innovation Challenge Prize, a project that seeks innovative solutions to improve the cruise experience and understand the real economic impact of the sector.

Another highlight was the panel “Knowing the Tools of Innovation”, moderated by Carlos Lora Calvo, co-founder and president of espacio_RES and co-founder and CFO of iGluco Tech. This panel included Adolfo Borrero Villalón, CEO of Aalto Consultores, José Ayub González Garrido, CEO & Co-Founder of Galgus, and Moisés Rubiño García, from the Digital Marketing Department of the Public Company for Tourism and Sports Management of Andalusia.

One of the highlights of the forum was the announcement of the winners of the Suncruise Open Innovation Challenge Prize. SEBKA TECHNOLOGY SL emerged as the winner of Challenge 1, proposed by the Port Authority of Seville, with its project focused on enhancing the cruise experience in historical and interesting crossings. On the other hand, APPLIED ECONOMICS & MANAGEMENT RESEARCH GROUP won Challenge 2, launched by Suncruise Andalucía, thanks to its innovative system to measure the real economic impact on the cruise and nautical industry.

The selection of the winning projects was an exhaustive process that began with the identification of 29 candidate companies, of which 13 presented relevant solutions. After a meticulous evaluation, six companies were shortlisted as finalists, culminating in the selection of SEBKA TECHNOLOGY SL and APPLIED ECONOMICS & MANAGEMENT RESEARCH GROUP for their commitment, innovation and adaptability to the needs of the sector.


The forum also featured panels and presentations by leading experts, such as Alex Rayón Jerez, CEO of Brain & Code, who addressed the crucial role of artificial intelligence in the management of blue tourism. Likewise, Carlos Lora Calvo led a panel on the tools of innovation, with the participation of figures such as Adolfo Borrero Villalón and José Ayub González Garrido.

Jorge de Velasco, from Banco Santander, contributed with his vision on how banks can be catalysts for innovation in the nautical and tourism sector.

This forum has not only been a platform for the presentation of innovative ideas, but also a key meeting point for the exchange of knowledge and experiences, marking a milestone in the history of blue tourism. The thanks to all the participating companies reflect the commitment to innovation and the desire to continue developing programs that boost the sector.

The forum “OPEN INNOVATION: A DEVELOPMENT TOOL FOR BLUE TOURISM” has set a new standard in blue tourism innovation, evidencing the potential of Seville and Andalusia as leaders in the digital transformation of this industry.