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Promoting an evening of silence, mindfulness and digital detox, The Spas at Mandarin Oriental are once again turning down the volume with the ninth-annual Silent Night.  On 13 December, talking and music will cease at 5pm in all spas worldwide, encouraging time for individual reflection, awareness and disconnection from all technology. Exclusively for Silent Night, each spa will offer mindfulness-based experiences in addition to signature wellness treatments.

Following Mandarin Oriental’s strategic partnership with Oberoi Hotels and Resorts, known as the O&MO Alliance, we are delighted to announce that the spas at Oberoi properties will also observe Silent Night.  Like The Spas at Mandarin Oriental, all Oberoi spas will go quiet on the same day, ceasing music and digital activity at 5pm and offering distinctive mindful activations for one night only.

Silent Night events and activities include:
Sound Bathing Meditation at Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong and Silent Yoga in Bangkok to instil peace and tranquillity into mind, body and soul.

Sunset Sound Healing workshops in Doha and Reiki workshops in London designed to help silence the mind and attune to the body. Breathwork workshop in Barcelona, Art of Bathing experiences in Paris , and Gong Lullaby Sound Bathing in Prague to settle and soothe the spirit.

A Silent Group Gathering in Miami where guests will be gently guided in putting silent intentions into words, crafting a personal letter to their future selves to be revisited on Silent Night 2024. The intention exercise is followed by a gemstone meditation and visualisation journey.  Mandarin Oriental, Canouan will be offering Silent Yoga and Meditation.


A comprehensive list of property specific Silent Night experiences can be found here.

The Power of Silence
Silence is known to improve concentration, creativity and awareness as well as decreasing anxiety, emotional reactivity and curtailing burnout. The Spas at Mandarin Oriental, voted World’s Best Hotel Spa Brand 2023 by the World Spa Awards, recommend carving out a time each week for a silence ritual, scheduling a time to turn off all digital distractions and find a quiet place to be alone.  The following tips and prompts are designed to guide a mindful practice whether one aims to enhance an existing mindful ritual or establish a practice foundation.

Connect with the Five Senses
Sit with your back straight and head upright, without slouching or leaning against the back of a chair. Keep the feet pressed firmly on the ground.  With eyes closed connect with each of the five senses one-by-one, starting by noticing sounds, then touch, sight, taste and finally smell. This is a wonderful way to re-connect with the body and the present moment.

Quiet Sleep Ritual
Quiet sleep is vital as it helps restore the body and mind, and is important for physical, emotional, and cognitive health.  Try to keep all devices out of the bedroom and end the day with calm instead of chaos. Set an alarm one hour before bed for relaxing practices that allow time to connect with yourself (e.g. bathe, meditate, and stretch) thus preparing the mind and body for sleep.

Sit in Silence
Sitting in silence can be difficult when dealing with a busy mind.  Try practicing Anapana breathing (inhaling and exhaling in equal measures, such as for ten counts) whilst in silence, simply concentrating on the breath.

Walk in Nature
Take a walk in nature for some peace and tranquillity and enjoy alone time.  Focus visual attention on the organic natural shapes of trees, plants, rocks, or clouds. Remember to appreciate the silence or take in the sounds of nature that may emerge, which help clear the mind and reduce mental fatigue.

Let Go of Worry and Stress
Take a break and sit comfortably with your eyes closed. Take deep breaths and with each breath let go of any thoughts or worries, and let your body relax. We recommend at least five to ten deep breaths to give the mind and body a break from noise and stressful thoughts.

Start the Day Slowly
After waking, take five minutes to enjoy the silence and awaken slowly, helping set the mood for the day.  Dedicating just five minutes to this silent morning practice can yield some incredible results.

Digital Wellness
Set aside some hours in your daily schedule to disconnect from digital devices. Although it may sound like an impossible task, keeping away from digital devices will help centre and draw attention to tune into the inner body. Gradually extend the time spent away from technology.

Yoga provides an opportunity to shift the focus of thoughts to poses that are being practiced.  With every breath taken, and as the body moves from one pose to the other, the mind settles down. Results are felt almost instantly, calming the nervous system and relieving stress and anxiety.

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