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Technological solutions to Covid-19 to be examined at Future Hospitality Summit

Technological solutions to Covid-19 to be examined at Future Hospitality Summit

One of the most eagerly anticipated sessions at the Future Hospitality Summit will look at new technology that could allow the world to travel again. 

It is being moderated by David Tarsh, who recently co-founded OK2Roam, a pandemic management system for the travel industry, which enables the creation of reduced risk bubbles and travel corridors inside which people can move without the need for social distancing.

He talks to three prominent individuals, each a leader in their field, working with new technologies to fight Covid-19.

Dangui Oduber, minister of tourism, public health and sport for Aruba, will describe several innovations his country has successfully deployed to keep the tourists coming.

According to ForwardKeys, international flight bookings for Aruba in quarter four are ahead of almost every other destination in the world.


Professor Alexander Kekulé, director of the Institute for Biosecurity Research in Germany will give his candid opinion on vaccine development and an update on the most promising rapid tests to detect Covid-19.

Hans-Christian Boos, the other co-founder of OK2Roam, is an expert on artificial intelligence, a personal advisor to Angela Merkel on IT and founder of the group that figured out how best to do digital contact tracing, using mobile phones.

He will identify which technologies show the greatest promise; explain why the Apple-Google system is flawed and describe his preferred high-tech solution to pandemic management, which is based on personal risk scoring.

The panel will also discuss the political challenges of championing new technology.

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The Future Hospitality Summit will bring together the global leaders of the industry to map a new direction for the sector and build a brighter future for stakeholders at every level.

It is being organised by the ministry of tourism, Saudi Arabia and G20 Saudi Secretariat as part of the International Conferences Program, honouring the G20 Saudi presidency year 2020.

The session on cutting edge technology takes place at 12.30 GMT on Monday, October 26th.