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Stars beneath the stars at Adriatic luxury hotels

Stars beneath the stars at Adriatic luxury hotels

This is the 8th year that Adriatic Luxury Hotels organize an entertainment music summer program of the very expressive name “Stars beneath the Stars”, for the city of Dubrovnik and its guests.

The most attractive outside venues of the Dubrovnik 5 star hotels - beaches, terraces, pools - serve as a breath taking open sceneries where concerts take place under the stars. There is an extensive list of prominent contemporary Croatian musicians who have performed within the program. Introduction of international music stars became a regular part of the program several years ago and since then we have gathered some internationally recognized musician and ‘tribute to’ bands that have succeeded to give an exotic flair into the program.

The combination of international music from all genres (jazz, rock, pop, Portuguese fado, Cuban music etc.) and prestigious Croatian music performers made this music event one of the most visited in Dubrovnik. From this year, the beach of the Hotel Croatia became another site where ‘stars’ sing under the stars.

Here are the details about Stars beneath the Stars program

  July 29, Josipa Lisac, Charismatic fusion of Pop/Jazz/Rock (Palm Terrace, Hotel Excelsior)
  August 10, Massimo, Just soulfull (Grota beach, Hotel Bellevue)
  August 25, Predin & Dedić, Jazz, undsguised (piano & vocal) - an intimate retrospective of Croatian music legacy (Grand Villa Argentina Gardens)
  September 03, Gibonni, Mediterranean sensibility, cosmopolitan passion (Vala Beach Bar, Hotel Dubrovnik Palace)