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Adriatic Luxury Hotels announces its new organizational structure

Adriatic Luxury Hotels announces its new organizational structure

The Adriatic Luxury Hotels group announced the details of the completed process of creating the largest tourist company in the luxury hotel industry in Croatia’s southern region. With the merging of two management companies (Excelsad.o.o. and JadranskiLuksuzniHotelid.o.o.) under the joint name Adriatic Luxury Hotels , a new organizational structure and business operations plan have been adopted that will ensure the advantages of the merger and the continuous growth of the company. The new management company JadranskiLuksuzniHotelid.o.o. will manage the hotels in Dubrovnik area: Hotel Excelsior, Hotel Bellevue, Grand Villa Argentina, Hotel Dubrovnik Palace, Hotel Croatia, Hotel Kompas, Hotel Odisej and Hotel Supetar.

Since the completion of the takeover process of the Adriatic Luxury Hotels group in September 2011 by the Lukšić Group, great efforts have been invested until today to optimize business processes and use the best practices from both companies so they can compete on the demanding tourist market in their environment with the high quality of their services and their efficiency. By creating a unique single management company that will operate under the recognizable brand Adriatic Luxury Hotels (ALH), the strongest values and practices of the previous management companies in the Dubrovnik area will be merged, continuous growth will be ensured and new potentials offered on the domestic and international market will be utilized.

Also, a new organizational structure of Adriatic Luxury Hotels has been established, and in line with that the company’s leaders have been appointed. KatijaJerković has been appointed the sales and marketing director of ALH, VladoLučić is the director of corporate development and hotel operations, JosipMikulić is the director of legal affairs and human resources, while AntunJakobušić is the finance director of ALH.

KatijaJerković assumes the position of the sales and marketing director of ALH after leaving the same position at Adriatic Luxury Hotels, where she spent the last six years as the director and manager of different sales divisions. VladoLučić assumes the position of the director of corporate management and hotel operations at ALH, coming from Excelsa Hotels where he held the post of the director of corporate development. JosipMikulić comes to the position of the director of legal affairs and human resources from Adriatic Luxury Hotels where he worked since 2002 as a member of the Management Board and the director of legal affairs. As the finance director, AntunJakobušić comes from the same position at Excelsa Hotels, which he held for the last seven years.

The new management company Adriatic Luxury Hotels has consolidated the existing common sales services, marketing and public relations, finance and controlling, accounting, corporate development and investment, human resources and legal affairs services, as well as procurement operations and IT support, and employs a total of 80 staff.


“The new organizational structure of Adriatic Luxury Hotels is necessary to build a stronger company and is in harmony with the Lukšić Group’s long-term investment strategy for tourism in Dubrovnik and Croatian tourism in general,” said CamiloSoza, the president of the Management Board of Adriatic Luxury Hotels. He adds, “Adriatic Luxury Hotels, as an economic driving force of the destination, continues to make further investments into the destination’s development through increased sales and promotional activities in priority markets, by creating attractive features and by taking an active involvement in social and other events of particular significance for Dubrovnik. New capital investments, as well as additional investments, have been planned for the next period with the aim of raising the quality of services offered by the group’s hotels.”