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Skyscanner partners with Dell for data centre growth

Skyscanner partners with Dell for data centre growth

Dell has announced Skyscanner has worked with the company to architect and build new converged data centres in the UK and Singapore.

The software giant also has plans in the works to deploy in Hong Kong in January 2014.

With an 84 per cent increase in traffic and more than 25 million mobile app downloads last year, Skyscanner sought an IT partner to support its ambitious global growth. 

Skyscanner has moved away from hosted IT resources and has built its own data centres in Europe and Asia to support its customers around the world.

Skyscanner selected Dell following a review of the market.

A proof of concept was completed with a converged blade solution, which combined Dell EqualLogic Blade Arrays, Dell PowerEdge blade servers, Dell Networking MXL blade switching and blade chassis management software in a compact, shared footprint that reduced the need for excessive licenses, space, cable configuration, and power and cooling costs.

Skyscanner also opted for transparent support through the Dell ProSupport Mission Critical four-hour response service, which offers a local single point of contact that is quickly able to address IT issues.

Following the test phase, Dell’s end-to-end, scalable solutions were put into place at Skyscanner’s new data centre sites. Each site was equipped with multiple Dell Converged Blade Data Center solutions, which combine Dell EqualLogic blade arrays, servers, switching and management to provide an entire data centre within a single blade enclosure and helping to streamline IT management and operations. Skyscanner deployed EqualLogic hybrid SSD arrays, which auto-tier hot application data to provide optimal performance for Skyscanner’s priority workloads.

“Web-based services across the world are experiencing great market opportunities as consumers and businesses increasingly spend online,” said Aisling Keegan, general manager, Preferred Accounts, Dell UK.

“As these organisations grow and become more successful, the challenge of providing a consistently high quality of service becomes crucial to long-term success.

“Dell’s converged end-to-end solutions and services provide the scalability, flexibility and performance required to help organisations deploy powerful data centre environments to support heavy demand and accommodate rapid business growth.”