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Skyscanner launches new data visualisation tool

Skyscanner launches new data visualisation tool

Skyscanner is launching a data visualisation tool at the aviation sector continues to recover from the Covid-19 shutdown.

The new tool – part of the company’s Travel Insight offering – combines Skyscanner’s extensive global flight search data with key Covid-19 events and announcements from governments in multiple countries.

It aims to help businesses in the travel and tourism sector identify trends and make strategic decisions for the future.

Flight search data is visualised in a simple and intuitive interface showing the volume of 2020 searches over time.

Searches are indexed against the highest volume from a particular time period and can be easily benchmarked against 2019 volumes.


Compared to other sources of aviation data, flight search data can provide an unrivalled insight into early intent and changing traveller behaviours.

“As the travel landscape fundamentally changes, collaboration and innovation have never been more important to ensure a sustainable route to recovery.

“That is what we are bringing to market with this new tool, the latest in our suite of Travel Insight products,” commented Michael Docherty, data partnerships lead at Skyscanner.

“Understanding demand trends and being able to plan accordingly will undoubtedly help airlines and other organisations execute their recovery strategies with greater effect and efficiency.

“We continue to invest in data innovation and aim to introduce even more products to help our partners later this year.”

Travel Insight provides a comprehensive view of current aviation market performance, trends and insights into how organisations can optimise versus their competitors.

It analyses the behaviour of millions of Skyscanner users to reveal where people are looking to travel in the next 12 months, allowing airlines and other businesses to rapidly respond to market changes, understand emerging trends and optimise or plan new routes.