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Saudia named ‘Most Trusted Organisation’ in the Kingdom

Saudia named ‘Most Trusted Organisation’ in the Kingdom

The airline ranked ‘Most Trusted Organisation’ among 80 brands in the Kingdom.

The index employed for this survey calculates the degree of trust among organisations in Saudi Arabia. An index of 100 represents an average organisation’s trust level, with the highest-scoring organisation reaching a score of 177 and the lowest at six.

Ipsos, a global leader in market research, published its 2023 survey results after analysing key factors that contribute to a stronger corporate reputation. The assessment was based on key pillars of advocacy, trust, favourability, familiarity and awareness.

Khaled Tash, chief marketing officer of Saudia Group, said: “The achievement of Saudia in securing the first place in the Ipsos 2023 Reputation Monitor stands as a testament to the success of our new strategic approach that emphasises improving and enhancing guest experience while optimally investing in digital solutions. As wings of Vision 2030, Saudia seeking the position as a leading Saudi brand and contribute to achieving Vision 2030 goals, especially in the aviation, tourism and culture sectors”.

He added, “Trust and reputation are two crucial metrics for us as we continually strive for excellence, aiming to represent the Kingdom in the best possible light. I commend the efforts of all our esteemed collaborators within Saudia and our valued local partners for their support