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Ryanair announces 39 new routes

Ryanair announces 39 new routes

.  This will comprise of 16 new routes to Gran Canaria, 15 to Lanzarote and 8 to Tenerife (now 16 in total) as Ryanair offers competition, choice and the lowest airfares to/from the Canary Islands.  These new routes will bring 2 million new passengers, create 2,000 new jobs and deliver a visitor spend of over €386m for the Islands.

Ryanair’s big expansion in the Canary Islands is due to “zero” tourist taxes in Spain and the 100% discount on airport charges this winter.  This contrasts with the route cutbacks Ryanair has announced in the UK and Ireland where airport charges at Dublin and Stansted are increasing and the Irish and UK Governments have imposed suicidal tourist taxes of €10 and £10 respectively.


Ryanair celebrated these 39 new routes and 2 million passengers for the Canary Islands by releasing 20,000 fare free* seats for travel to/from the Canary Islands from 26th October until 19th December which are available for booking on until midnight Wednesday 5th August.



Speaking in Tenerife today, Ryanair’s Michael Cawley said: “Ryanair is delighted to open 39 new routes to/from the Canary Islands in October which will allow us to bring more low fares, more competition and choice to even more consumers/visitors of the Canary Islands.


“Ryanair’s 39 new routes at Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and Tenerife will deliver 2million passengers and sustain at least 2,000 jobs at these three Canary Island airports.  These 39 new routes are the result of the 100% discount offered by AENA on its airport charges.  The continuation of these routes past the 31st March 2010 will be dependent on the extension of these vital discounts.  We are confident that in the current climate of reduced traffic and tourism in Spain and the Canary Islands that the Spanish Government will see the wisdom of extending low airport costs not just in the Canary Islands but throughout Spain”.