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Rochdale Road bridge to be replaced

Rochdale Road bridge to be replaced

The bridge over the railway on Rochdale Road in Manchester is to be rebuilt as part of Network Rail’s £1bn+ investment in the north west.

A new bridge is required to accommodate overhead electrical lines underneath it as part of the electrification of the railway between Manchester and Stalybridge.

Electrification will help to provide a cleaner, faster and more reliable railway for passengers as well as contributing to additional capacity across the north of England.

Work started this week and to complete the rebuild there will be a half road closure in place until 20 August 2014 and then a full road closure from 20 August 2014 to 15 January 2015.

Ian Joslin, area director for Network Rail, said: “I apologise for the disruption this essential rebuild will cause and can assure local people that we have done all we can to plan the work for the shortest and safest amount of time.


“As well as delivering significant benefits to passengers, an electrified railway is also beneficial to those who live near the railway as it will mean quieter trains which produce fewer emissions will travel through the area.”

Network Rail has worked closely with the local authority regarding diversions, which will be clearly signposted. While the full road closure is in place a ramped temporary footbridge will be in use to maintain pedestrian and wheelchair access.