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Puerto Rico launches salsa national marketing campaign

Puerto Rico launches salsa national marketing campaign Sir Bruce Forsyth and his wife, Lady WIlnelia Merced Forsyth, centre, join Angie and Jonathan Sloan of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company at the launch of the campaign

Puerto Rico Tourism Company (PRTC) has launched a national marketing campaign enticing travellers to learn to salsa on the eastern Caribbean island. 

Angie Sloan, regional director for PRTC in the UK, said: “The destination has been opened up significantly to travellers from the UK since the launch of British Airway’s direct flight from London Gatwick and this campaign will showcase the destination as one that invites a mix of Latin, Caribbean and American cultures, particularly in Old San Juan, reborn in recent years as one of North America’s hottest urban destinations and the place to experience Puerto Rican salsa.”

Holidaymakers are now invited to visit the island on a ‘learn to salsa holiday’.

Renowned for its 212 miles of spectacular coastline, Puerto Rico welcomes around 3.7 million tourists to its shores every year and the Puerto Rico Tourism Company hopes the new campaign will raise its profile even further.

UK sales agents can promote Puerto Rico as a salsa destination with the Western & Oriental package.