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Promote Iceland launches new online training programme

Promote Iceland launches new online training programme

Travel agents and tour operators selling Iceland can now become certified ‘Iceland Specialists’ with a new online training programme developed by t
the national tourist board, Promote Iceland.

The training is designed to help travel professionals market Iceland as a tourist destination. 

The training is split into three sections, each with 20 questions and will take agents through Iceland’s breath-taking landscapes, colourful history and vibrant culture.

Topics range from what is Iceland’s population to which Icelandic author won a Nobel Prize in literature.

Reading material is emailed to participants on registration, following which the questions can be answered. 


On completion, agents will receive an Inspired by Iceland Specialist certification as well as a badge to use on any promotional material.

All questions need to be answered correctly in order to receive the certification.

Promote Iceland has set itself the objective not only to inspire travel, but also to inform in a playful manner.

This can be seen in the current marketing campaign “The Iceland Academy”, an exciting new online tool to help visitors understand the best of Icelandic culture, etiquette and beautiful nature as well as how to stay safe on their travels. 

The online academy, which launched earlier this year features a series of video tutorials, covered by a panel of charismatic Icelandic experts and local ‘tutors’, offering a fun short course of advice and insider knowledge on a variety of aspects of Icelandic culture.