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Progressive Travel Training launches in UK

Progressive Travel Training launches in UK

Those working in the travel industry are gaining a new way to develop their careers, thanks to the launch of Progressive Travel Training (PTT).

Spearheaded by three experts in training and recruitment, Fi Morrison-Arnthal, Tony Macdonald and James Roberts, PTT is evolving the way agents and other industry professionals learn, and tourism businesses develop their staff.

Initially, PTT is offering agents a programme of 12 highly affordable and effective e-learning courses, authored by travel’s leading experts in their respective fields, and created to elevate the industry from within.

Three of the modules are available for free, including an important stress management course – a valuable asset to travel professionals, who have been working under such tough conditions during the pandemic.

Delivered in easy to consume, bite-sized chunks, accessible anywhere with a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection, and allowing professionals to visit and return to the learning at any time, the flexible training has been created specifically for the travel industry.


Paid courses start from as little as £30, making them affordable to all.

By providing training that is either free or 90 per cent cheaper than traditional one-day courses, PTT’s founding vision is that travel professionals who might now be responsible for their own learning costs after being made redundant or going self-employed during the pandemic are still able to pursue their career development, and that employers who want to invest in their teams but have faced tough trading conditions over the last 12 months can still do so. 

The e-learning modules have been co-authored by senior travel industry experts and Progressive Travel Training co-founder, Fi Morrison-Arnthal.

Her extensive experience managing frontline agents, leadership in training and care for the sector make Morrison-Arnthal uniquely qualified to lead the design and delivery of online educational content that those working in travel really need to succeed and thrive in their careers.

She said: “It’s apparent that formal training and in-house trainers are a luxury many travel businesses and agents cannot currently afford and, while there is plenty of online training available covering destinations, product and GDS skills, travel industry employees are frustrated about the limited soft skills available.

“We have launched Progressive Travel Training to address that need, and to give back to the industry we love – sharing everything we know with a community that is ready to progress and come back post-Covid-19 thriving.”