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Potential for Wizz Air to Face Multi-Million Dollar Compensation Claims due to Flight Delays in 2022

Potential for Wizz Air to Face Multi-Million Dollar Compensation Claims due to Flight Delays in 2022 reported that, according to the Guardian’s report, the Civil Aviation Authority and Wizz Air had been in touch for several months following the large number of complaints received by the CAA about the low-cost carrier failing to compensate passengers appropriately, particularly in cases of cancellations.

Paul Smith, the regulator’s joint interim CEO, stated that it had informed Wizz Air of the treatment their passengers received over the last year as being unacceptable. He went on to state that airlines are responsible for flight cancellations and delays. Smith said that the regulator will not hesitate to intervene if airlines do not comply.

“Passengers have every right to expect their complaints and claims to be resolved quickly and efficiently and to be treated fairly by airlines, in line with regulations. We will continue to watch the situation closely to check that passengers receive what they are owed and that Wizz Air’s policies have improved so that consumers have a better experience if things go wrong,” he mentioned.

Wizz Air, in response to CAA’s action, has engaged the regulator and committed to change its procedures, policies, and communications with passengers. The airline also agreed to reassess all claims, including those for refunds of flight costs, transfers to alternative airports and hotel expenses.

This action will also apply to all claims for flights that are scheduled to depart from or arrive at an airport in the UK after March 18, 2022. Cases from this time period will automatically be checked.


Reopening claims made prior to March 18 is also possible, but passengers need to ensure that the flights in question were not older than six years.

Last year, in a similar action, the regulator launched a procedure against Ryanair. It also denounced the budget airline, and was obliged to compensate thousands passengers who were delayed.

Wizz Air is the subject of constant criticism. According to Which?, it has been dubbed as the UK’s worst carrier. The airline has been criticised for leaving passengers stranded and charging them fees when they could not check in at the airport due to technical problems with its website.

The airline provided data that revealed it had welcomed 5.3 millions passengers in just June, and the total number recorded this year has almost reached 27,000,000, almost twice the number of passengers who arrived in 2022, when 16 million people were there.

How can you claim compensation for a flight delay?
You’ll have to be the one to initiate a claim if you feel you are entitled. You will not be compensated unless you request it. You have several options to make a claim for compensation. Choose the one that suits you best.

Use the online eligibility checker below to determine if you are eligible for compensation due to a flight delay. This is a convenient and quick way to determine your eligibility.