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Poland to highlight Warsaw and Krakow at ATM

Poland to highlight Warsaw and Krakow at ATM

Poland will showcase its picturesque cities of Warsaw and Krakow in the 30th edition of Arabian Travel Market 2023, taking place in Dubai on 1-4 May at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

“The Land of Fields” will be showing off its wealth of nature and picturesque cities to thousands of travel and media professionals from around the world.

From the towering Tatra Mountains to the wild Baltic Sea, Poland is filled with vibrant cities known for their precious heritage, stunning architecture, splendid landscapes and the many attractions and landmarks that are sure to delight all kind of visitors.

Warsaw and Krakow
It cannot be easier than embarking on one of the direct flights to Warsaw or Krakow to start the dreamt holidays. The two cities are a must see on any journey through Poland. Both are the perfect choice for cultural experience and are even a better hub to discover other regions of the country. Old town city complexes of both Krakow and Warsaw; both are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. But the stories behind the two cities are very different.

Krakow’s urban plan remained almost intact through centuries. Today, travellers today from all over the world, visit the city to contemplate at the beautiful architectural styles of various epochs. Warsaw was completely destroyed during World War II. It was rebuilt back in the following years. Today it is called the masterpiece of reconstruction because the old part of the city looks the same as it looked before the war.


UNESCO World Heritage Sites are among leitmotivs of our promotional activities in 2023. And it is easy to discover our UNESCO sites taking Krakow and Warsaw as starting points. From Krakow you can reach e.g., Wieliczka and Bochnia Royal Salt Mines, Wooden Churches of South Malopolska, Tarnowskie Gory Lead-Silver-Zinc Mine and its underground Water Management system, and the infamous Auschwitz-Birkenau Camp.

From Warsaw you can reach Torun–the Medieval Town and the birthplace of the famous astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, the Castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork and on the longer venture Krzemionki Prehistoric Striped Flint Mining Region and Bialowieza Forest.

Unspoiled nature
Bialowieza Forest is also one of the most famous, out of 23, National Parks in Poland. It is the only primeval forest in Europe where the European bison dwells. Untamed nature and forest wildlife are best to observe from an education trail that meanders through the terrain. The other parks to be discovered in the nearby area are Narwianski and Biebrzanski National Parks. But to discover the beauty of the biggest national parks, you do not need to travel far from Warsaw–the Kampinowski National Park border with the city.

The National Parks within easy reach from Krakow include Ojcowski, Pieninski, Tatrzanski and Gorczanski National Parks. The variety of the landscape is amazing. Ojcowski National Park, the smallest one, offers unique geological structures and caves to discover. Pieninski National Park is known for spectacular Dunajec River Gorge and Tatrzanski National Park amazes with magnificent mountains, beautiful mountain lakes and lures with hikes in valleys.

For beautiful, green holidays, one does not have to limit himself to National Parks. From Krakow you can reach mountain resorts spread out in the south of Poland. From Warsaw you can drive to the lake district - Mazury. It offers many choices for a leisurely time in a charming setting of rolling hills, woods, countryside and, of course, lakes. Once you are in the area, you cannot miss a cruise along Elblaski Canal, which includes the ride over grass.

550 Anniversary of the birth of Nicolaus Copernicus
Torun is an amazing example of gothic architecture complex. It is also the birthplace of a famous astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus. The tenement house that used to belong to the Copernicus family today serves as a museum. It combines the most recent multimedia technologies and historical tissue of
a medieval house. Visitors may expect knowledge and excitement focusing on three issues: old and contemporary knowledge, the everyday life of a middle-class family in a late Hanseatic household, and the life and works of Nicolaus Copernicus.

The Copernicus trail takes us to other places where he lived and worked. Among others, we stop at Olsztyn, Malbork, Lidzbark Warminski, Frombork, just to name a few. It is also a region known for splendid gothic architecture. The most impressive are brick castles that served both as a seat of governing bodies and fortresses.

More cities to discover
Wroclaw, Gdansk, Poznan or Lodz–each of the cities offers a unique experience and tells its own fascinating history. All of them are prefect destinations for cultural trips, enjoyment and shopping.

Gdansk, the most recognised out of the three-city metropolis, is a vibrant coast city. Fascinating museums tell over a thousand-year history of the area. For those searching for unique gifts and shopping opportunity, amber is something to learn about and St. Dominic Fair is the places to be.

Łodz is the largest city in Poland, aside from Warsaw. It is a cultural phenomenon and a fascinating place inhabited by distinguished artists, scientists, and industrialists. It is a modern city rooted in tradition. A city of the multicultural heritage of Poles, Germans, Jews and Russians.

Wroclaw is a buzzing city of south-west Poland. It boasts a complex history spanning many centuries, to which the city owes its large number of historical sites. There are visible reminders of Czech, German and Polish rule. And its heritage makes it a modern European city, and one that you simply must experience for yourself.

Poznan - the picturesque city is today a major economic, scientific, cultural and tourism hub in Western Poland. It is home to the country’s most important trade-fair complex.

Bringing souvenirs and gifts back from a trip is a must. But to make it valuable, they must be of local origin, presenting local crafts, arts and traditions.

Poland is famous for amber and silver. Apart from the classic necklaces and those polished, gold like nuggets, it is worth looking for original examples from young artists. Unique striped flint stone, the stone of optimism, is gaining recognition as jewellery.

Poland is also known for beautiful glass and faience. The best example of the letter one is cobalt-cream from Boleslawiec. Poland is also famous for hand painted Christmas tree baubles.

It is also worth buying slow-food products in Poland. Once you are in Torun, buy spicy gingerbread.

Source – TradeArabia News Service