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Play Celebrity for a Day at SeaWorld this Summer with the “Ultimate VIP Tour

Play Celebrity for a Day at SeaWorld this Summer with the “Ultimate VIP Tour

SeaWorld has launched its reimagined, exclusive “Ultimate VIP Tour” at parks across the country. The first-of-its-kind private VIP Tour allows guests the opportunity to feel like a celebrity for a day with a highly tailored experience. Where else in the world can you ride some of the tallest and fastest roller coasters in the country, feed a shark, interact with penguins in their unique habitat, learn how to care for wildlife and meet the rescue team all before lunch?

“We are introducing the Ultimate VIP Tour as a special combination of personalized education and thrills that will enrich an already great day and turn it into a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the whole family,” said Marisa Thalberg, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. “There is so much to do in our parks, but also so much to experience, and learn, and that’s what makes this such a unique opportunity.”

SeaWorld’s “Ultimate VIP Tour”, available at all parks, blends luxurious convenience and exclusivity, with personal VIP Tour guides for each tour armed with expert knowledge of the parks, opening doors to once-in-a-lifetime animal encounters with unprecedented access to enriching marine conservation education where the wonders and curiosity of the sea are explored firsthand.

The “Ultimate VIP Tour” offers guests priority access to highly coveted animal interactions only available on a limited basis each day. Experiences range from the ability to touch and feed stingrays, enjoy up-close encounters with dolphins and sea lions, meet and greet penguins, sharks and orcas, and spend time with the rescue teams and dedicated animal care specialists. In addition to these animal interactions available in every park, VIP Tour guests receive priority reservations for special animal interactions only available in individual parks, such as:

At SeaWorld Orlando, VIP guests can come “face-to-whiskers” with a walrus and meet a new fabulous flippered friend while they slurp fish right from guests’ hands
In San Antonio, guests can swim with sea lions and interact with penguins inside their 35-degree home as they waddle and swim among the rocky cliffs and icy water of this wonderfully naturalistic habitat
At SeaWorld San Diego, get in a wetsuit for an in-water interaction with belugas as animal behaviorists share how they care for and relate to these warm-hearted residents of the cold Arctic waters
VIP Tours are now available for booking, with the purchase of a park ticket, with prices starting at $499/per person. Guests can book their VIP Tour online at or by contacting SeaWorld’s VIP Concierge Services.


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