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Philippine Airlines readmitted to EU airspace

Philippine Airlines readmitted to EU airspace

The European Commission has updated for the 21st time the list of airlines subject to an operating ban or operational restrictions within Europe.

Following improvements in the safety situation in the Philippines, Philippine Airlines is the first airline from this country allowed back into European skies since 2010.

The same is true for the Venezuelan airline Conviasa, which was banned in 2012.

Progress was also noted in Libya but the Libyan authorities agreed that Libyan airlines would not be allowed to operate in Europe until they are fully recertified to the satisfaction of the European Union.

Siim Kallas, Commission vice president, transport, said: “The EU air safety list was created for the protection of European skies and citizens, but it can also serve as a wake-up call to countries and airlines in need to get their safety house back in order.

“Today we confirmed our willingness to remove countries and airlines from the list if they show real commitment and capacity to implement international safety standards in a sustainable manner.

“Beside Philippines, Venezuela and Mauritania, good signs of progress are also coming from a number of other African countries.”

Taking into account the improved safety oversight provided by the competent authorities of the Philippines, and the ability of the air carrier Philippine Airlines to ensure effective compliance with relevant aviation safety regulations, and following an on-site safety assessment visit last June, it was decided to lift the ban affecting this carrier registered in the Philippines.

For all other carriers registered in the Philippines the ban remains.

Conviasa, registered in Venezuela, was also removed from the EU air safety list, following the successful resolution of the serious safety deficiencies which led to its ban from EU skies in April 2012.