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Paying for Wi-Fi: one of the UK’s top holiday hates

Paying for Wi-Fi: one of the UK’s top holiday hates

Brits have become so reliant on smartphones and tablets on holiday, that having to pay for Wi-Fi is now one of our top ‘holiday hates’.  What’s more, one in 20 of us actually admit we would rather spend time online, than with our partners on holiday.

A 2,000 person poll by Thistle Hotels found the average holidaymaker spends an hour each day on holiday catching up with friends and current affairs, online.  As a result, having to pay for Wi-Fi now ranks alongside traditional holiday grumbles such as rude hotel staff and rooms not being ready.

The research, undertaken to launch Thistle’s new faster, free internet in all its UK hotels, uncovered the top five ‘holiday hates’ as being:
-  Rude hotel staff (69%)
-  Rooms not being ready (45%)
-  Paid-for Wi-Fi (38%)
-  Limited buffet / menu selection (37%)
-  Not being as close to holiday attractions as advertised (32%)

The survey also found that when booking a holiday, fast, free and reliable Wi-Fi is more important (51%), than having a swimming pool (49%), being close to local attractions (41%) and even having a TV in the room (37%).

Mike DeNoma, glh. CEO said; “It’s crazy to think that in 2014 hotel chains are still charging up to £20 a day for Wi-Fi. Our research shows that free, fast and reliable Wi-Fi is very important to holidaymakers, which is why we’ve partnered with BT Wi-fi to upgrade our existing free internet access. No registrations, no limitations and no fine print, customers can now simply click and connect without fuss or fee; and most importantly they do not have to sign up to memberships or earn loyalty points.”


Thistle has launched a new Facebook game called ‘Wifey or Wi-Fi’ where people can find out if they are guilty of paying more attention to the internet than their friends and family.