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Boingo takes over Manhattan wi-fi network

Boingo takes over Manhattan wi-fi network

Towerstream Corporation and Boingo Wireless have signed an agreement that will allow Boingo to manage internet services across the state-of-the-art Wi-Fi network in New York City’s Manhattan borough that is operated by Towerstream. 

The network will broadcast the “Boingo Hotspot” SSID and deliver a full Boingo retail experience.

It will be available to Boingo’s retail Wi-Fi customers and anyone who wants to purchase Wi-Fi access, as well as the company’s wholesale platform service customers, such as KT, Orange France, Skype, and Verizon.

The agreement includes provisions for Boingo to leverage additional networks that Towerstream may build and launch in the future.

The Boingo-managed network in Manhattan is expected to launch before the end of the year.

“With the explosion of Wi-Fi enabled mobile devices, this network will provide our customers with an exceptional data experience within America’s biggest city,” said Luis Serrano, senior vice president of business and corporate development for Boingo Wireless.

“Whether they use iPhones or iPads, Android devices or any other mobile device, we will be able to simplify their access to universal Wi-Fi and provide that service cost-effectively.”

Boingo customers, who currently have access to over 400,000 hotspots around the world, will soon able to access the mobile internet with the single click of a button when roaming around the streets of Manhattan while using the Boingo Wi-Finder app.

Boingo Wireless offers several unlimited Wi-Fi service plans for customers, as well as day pass and hourly access, depending on their connectivity needs.

“This partnership is an all-around win for Towerstream, Boingo Wireless and its customers,” said Jeff Thompson, Towerstream chief executive. 

“It is a great testament to the validity of our network to have Boingo, one of the leading Wi-Fi operators in the world, as our first wholesale partner on Manhattan’s largest and fastest Wi-Fi network. 

“Anyone who lives in the city or has visited the city knows the best way to experience it is to walk around it. 

“With this new agreement, Boingo users can do just that while staying connected.”