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Operator offers pilgrimage trips

Operator offers pilgrimage trips

Every year, the Camino Way in Northern Spain is visited by 5 million people, many of whom take the ‘pilgrimage’ to Santiago de Compostela for intensely personal reasons. Some are trying to reconnect with nature, some are reviewing their life choices, some are doing it for religious reasons, some for health reasons and some, like the main character in the new film ‘The Way’ (in UK cinemas, 15 April 2011), have suffered personal tragedy.

Walking the Way is an experience like no other. ‘Pilgrims’ walk sections of the Camino Way, sometimes in organised groups, but more often alone, meeting up with fellow walkers along the Way and sharing experiences and stories as they walk. The various hotels and guesthouses along the route welcome ‘pilgrims’ into a community atmosphere, with shared mealtimes and the chance to meet with people from all over the world, or simply to be alone to reflect on the reasons they came.

People say that walking the Camino is the perfect way to reconnect with yourself; to think about life choices, to reflect on past actions, and to determine the way forward.  It’s also a perfect place to go to make a big decision, and in these times, deciding where to go next following redundancy or changes in your working life, could be a great reason to go.

Follow The Camino is a specialist holiday company which offers guided and self-guided walking and cycling tours along the Camino Way to Santiago de Compostela.  They organise your hotels and itinerary for you and transport your luggage for you each day so you can walk with a light backpack.

If you have lost your job in the last twelve months, and you feel you’d like to get away from it all to reflect on what you’re going to do next, Follow the Camino will offer you a 10% discount on all its basic package prices for 2011 holidays if you book by 30 June 2011.