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Radisson Blu Resort Sharjah’s announces commitment to responsible business

Radisson Blu Resort Sharjah’s announces commitment to responsible business

Radisson Blu’s Resort Sharjah has announced its commitment to responsible business.

Radisson Blu Hotels and Resort Responsible Business programme was introduced in 2001 in response to increasing demands from guests, corporate clients, employees and owners. An environmental programme has however been in place since the mid 1990s. Within the Responsible Business programme, Radisson Blu is dedicated to three main areas of responsibility: taking responsibility for the health and safety of employees and customers; respecting social and ethical issues in the company as well as in the community and reducing negative impact on the environment.

Environmental and social responsibilities are also integrated into corporate strategies, objectives and operational plans, these business plans are valid both on a hotel level and on a regional level.

At the Sharjah hotel level, certain key steps have been implemented to improve performance and support the commitment.

Currently the hotel runs a water recycling scheme, runs its own orchard in the hotel grounds and a car wash area which allows the water used to run into an underground reservoir to be reused.


Apart from the above, the hotel in Sharjah also houses a bird sanctuary, a cat condo, compost pits, converts used plastic containers into pots, uses energy saving bulbs all over the hotel and participates in all activities with the Emirates Environmental Group. The hotel has been a proud supporter and active participant of the EEG’s annual activities over the last couple of years namely: ‘Can Collection Drives’, ‘Clean Up UAE campaigns’

The hotel has recently signed a contract with Bee’ah subsidiary Tandheef for the recycling of paper, plastic, and aluminum. The hotel has a dedicated recycling area wherein the recyclable material collected throughout the hotel is placed and ultimately picked by the Tandheef team on a weekly basis.

Other environmental initiatives include collecting old mobile phones, toners/cartridges and metal scrap for recycling, collection and proper disposal of used batteries, tree planting and annual participation in Earth Hour.

In recognition of these activities and the Environmental awareness of the Management and Staff, the hotel was awarded the International ‘Green Key Certificate’ in November 2010.