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onefinestay to offer longer trips in London

onefinestay to offer longer trips in London

onefinestay will begin offering flexible services and pricing for longer stay guests in London this month.

The move means individuals will have the opportunity to book some of the finest and most exclusive homes in London for stays ranging from 30 nights to six months.

The brand will offer new pricing, monthly savings, services and amenities to make each residence feel like a true home away from home.

Longer stay benefits have been designed to alleviate the many frustrations and complexities guests experience when seeking a home rental for extended periods of more than 30 nights, yet less than six months.

The tailored approach to each stay ensures full flexibility, including early break clauses and the option to book a specific number of days, rather than commit monthly.


While a selection of onefinestay properties have previously been available for longer-term stays, most suppliers in the rental market do not offer this flexibility, either specialising in short-term stays of 30 nights or less, or long-term rentals of one year or more.

“We’re growing this important market segment and inviting guests who desire a bit more time away to experience the exceptional homes and services that sets us apart,” said Amanda Dyjecinski, chief brand and marketing officer, who is spearheading the longer stay rental campaign.

“If the past year has taught us anything, it is the importance of remaining flexible and offering guests the ability to be the same.

“Our new focus on longer stays feature valuable savings, tailored amenities, and flexible terms, and will cater to the growing trend of longer stays, which we are experiencing, and within the market with new trends such digital nomadism.”