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OAG launches new solution to ease travel chaos

OAG launches new solution to ease travel chaos

Handling the travel chaos caused by major flight disruptions is set to become easier with the launch of an innovative new online product by OAG.

In the wake of wide-scale problems caused by volcanic ash clouds, snow, strikes and last minute operational situations grounding flights across the UK and Europe, OAG has devised a unique new aid. It has developed Migo to enable airport and travel agency handling teams to instantly identify alternative travel options for passengers - not just by air but by land and sea as well.

OAG, a UBM Aviation brand, has developed Migo using its established expertise in global flight schedules and up-to-the-minute flight status data. Crucially, a third element is added – new data feeds for alternative land and sea travel options.

Based on an intuitive and user-friendly design, Migo is set to become a key tool for operational teams at airports, travel management companies and travel agents dealing with the fallout from such events as adverse weather, strikes and natural disasters. With links to comprehensive train schedules and road directions, Migo has the ability to generate complete travel itineraries which can be printed or emailed to the traveller.

The Migo homepage highlights airport disruption via a traffic light system superimposed on a map. Pop-up ‘further information’ boxes explain the cause and extent of the disruption, while subsequent search screens deliver alternative routings to any passengers’ worldwide destination.


Compatibility with PCs, tablets and iPads makes Migo a uniquely portable solution. This flexibility of product means that during severe disruption, with lengthy queues of passengers waiting, airport or airline operational teams can move into the crowds and help with re-routing them, rather than having to be behind a desk.

It also has an everyday application, including for example, instances where travellers have to get somewhere at the last minute or in peak travel periods, such as Christmas, or major sporting events when the traveller needs to find an alternative route to their destination.

Airlines suffered a multi-million pound loss in revenue and costs during the infamous Icelandic ash cloud of 2010 and the media has also focussed on customer service issues during subsequent disruptions, particularly airport closures as a result of heavy snow the same year.

OAG Product Director Emma Swinnerton commented: ‘Travellers generally recognise that severe weather and extraordinary events like the ash cloud are going to have a significant impact on flights.

‘The real frustration comes when they encounter huge difficulty in finding alternative ways to get to where they want to go and the understandable inability of airport and airline staff to give all the options.

‘For the first time, Migo delivers all those answers in one easy-to-use, instantly accessible package and which will provide those companies with a real customer service advantage. They will quickly, easily and reliably be able to re-route and re-book travellers and get them round whatever the problem may be,’ Swinnerton explained.