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Norwegian Cruise Line selects NICE Workforce Optimization Solutions

Norwegian Cruise Line selects NICE Workforce Optimization Solutions

NICE Systems announced today that Norwegian Cruise Line is adopting NICE’s Interaction Management, analytics-based Quality Optimisation, and customer feedback survey solutions to deliver an enhanced customer experience. The cruise operator selected the NICE offering as part of its Cisco contact center solution to also improve sales effectiveness and operational efficiency.

Norwegian Cruise Line will use the NICE solutions to apply quality measurement metrics and solicit customer feedback via IVR (Interactive Voice Response) survey for its three U.S. contact centers. This will enable the company to gain valuable insights into its customer interactions, including direct input on service levels. This information will help the cruise operator decide where improvement is needed in order to further enhance customer experience. For instance, it may decide that additional agent coaching is needed in order to close agent knowledge gaps and improve first contact resolution rates.

By improving the quality of its service, Norwegian Cruise Line will be able to achieve greater customer satisfaction and loyalty. It will also help the company reduce operational costs and increase revenues by enjoying greater opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling.

“The NICE solutions provide added value to our contact center operations as they will enable us to bolster our position within the competitive cruise industry,” said Crane Gladding, senior vice president of passenger services for Norwegian Cruise Line. “Taken together with our existing Workforce Management solution from NICE, we now have a more comprehensive set of capabilities for optimising our workforce and improving our contact center performance. We are confident that this will help boost our customer service and deliver measurable return on investment.”

“This deal with Norwegian Cruise Line is a terrific example of how our Cisco partnership is helping companies leverage best-of-breed technology within a unified communications strategy,” said Barak Eilam , President of NICE Americas. “We are excited to see companies like Norwegian Cruise Line embrace the NICE/Cisco offerings to optimise their contact center operations and enhance the customer experience.”


Select NICE Workforce Optimization solutions are part of the Cisco SolutionsPlus program, which delivers a one-stop ordering experience for Cisco’s customers, channel partners, and sales teams for certain third-party products and applications. The solutions integrate with the Cisco MediaSense recording platform.