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New Pilates destination arrives on Palm Jumeirah

New Pilates destination arrives on Palm Jumeirah

Posture., a new Pilates and wellness studio, has opened in the exclusive neighbourhood of the Palm Jumeirah.

The bespoke studio honours the original style of Joseph Pilates, with a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, which sets it apart from any other studio in the region. 

The location was founded by London-born Pilates-obsessed Elle Hutchinson, whose love of Pilates and fashion fuelled her vision to create a positive and inviting space that was modern, minimalistic and healing. 

Hutchinson has worked with leading fashion magazines and global brands throughout her career and wanted to create a brand that married her two worlds together.


Posture. is essentially a community for like-minded people to escape their realities and connect with their inner-selves.

Whether their workouts are more active and fast-paced, or relaxing and meditative, Posture. is for people who appreciate being in an environment surrounded by luxuries – from the décor to the instructors.

The well-appointed studio uses earthy tones throughout, with arched, backlit mirrors and contrasting matte black Reformers - which are a first for the UAE. 

Hutchinson, said: “Posture. is nothing but an open door for anyone to come, get fit and most importantly, feel healthy.”

Posture. aims to inspire and educate people to start their own spiritual and health journeys by becoming part of a community that is deeply involved in taking care of themselves and their bodies.